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2LD MINOR 2536 2.gen

The thermoforming machine is designed for medium-volume production of containers of plastic foil. It is possible to form a positive mold. Thermoforming MINOR machine is equipped with PLC control with touch-screen terminal with heating infrared heaters, rotary vane vacuum pump and actuators for simple and precise control of setpoints.
The big advantage of this machine is very fast and easy replacement of forms.

Technical data: 

Workspace 250 x 360mm
Positive Positive 60mm
Max. material width 500mm
Max.material thickness 0,2 – 1mm
Max.roll diameter 600mm
Average speed 8 cykl/min
Air pressure 0,6 – 0,9 Mpa
Vacuum 63 m³/h
Power consumption 15 kW
Water consumption 5 l/min
Compressed air consumption 0,8m³/min
Weight 1,5 t
Dimensions W x H x D 2 x 2 x 3,5m‌

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