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We take care of your inquiry, according to your wishes. Together we can find the right type of equipment for your needs.

1. Type of packaging

  • foods
  • Beverage
  • Technical Packaging 
    - saving devices  
    - saving tools
    - storing tools

2. The second type machines

  • in paragraph No.1
  • optionally auxiliary equipment

3. The proposal forms 

  • under paragraph No.1 and No.2

4. Proposal kinds of plastic film
5. The price of the final product (packaging)

Special production

According to customer requirements we produce a machine that deviates from the standard, while maintaining the required standards and regulations of the highest quality companies 2LD Plastic sro.



  • designed for thermoforming machine type ALCOR facilitates operating moldings and subsequent packaging and storage in cartons.

Screw compressors

  • that due to the reduced air consumption for our machines can wash up to half less power than the competition.


  • a closed water circuit by means of the tempering device for a correct mold temperature and thereby improve the quality of moldings.

Antistatic devices

  • to remove the static charge of moldings.

Compressed air dryer 

  • for drying compressed air from the compressor, important for food production.

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