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Thermoforming machine 2LD CASTOR offers high production of plastic packaging including PP. Shaping apparatus uses a vacuum and compressed air. It can be shaped by both positive and negative forms. Machine control is provided via a touch terminal. Material (roll) is unwound through a set of rubber-coated rollers, which form a loop before contactless heating. Guidance material (shift) provides a chain conveyor through a servo motor and gearbox. The width of the chain is infinitely adjustable to suit the material. Heating is non-contact, infrared emitters fitted and long enough for the smooth heating of the material. Temperature control is ensured through monitoring PLC PID parameters. The forming station is equipped with the vacuum, compressed air and water for cooling the mold. Furthermore, it is a mechanical předtahem foil for deep shapes. Předtah film provides a servomotor and ball screw. Die-cutting station is designed for cutting moldings. For cutting only a positive mold or only the negative mold is determined shearing hardened plate. Cutting out measuring station is equipped to move into the correct position blank.

Technická data: 

Workspace 570 x 780mm
Positive/negative   130mm
Max. material width   810mm
Max. material thickness 0,2 – 1mm
Max. roll diameter 1000mm
Speed 10 až 30 cykl/min
Air pressure 0,6 – 0,9 Mpa
Vacuum  63 m³/h
Power 49 kW
Air consumption 0,8m³/min
Weight 5 t
Dimensions W x H x D 3 x 3,5 x 9m

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