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Thermoforming machine 2LD MINOR 2530

Our company offers molding machine 2LD MINOR 2530 for small series of your products. This device can handle A-PET, R-PET, PVC, PS, OPS and shape positive forms including equal arc.

Material unrolled from the roll and moved by the actuator into the first heating station is sealed between a heating plate which heats the material to a desired temperature. Meanwhile, in the second forming station closes the mold, a vacuum forming process occurs while cooling, then the mold opens simultaneously with heating.

Shaped material, but not a die cut is moved to a cutting station where the cut and separation of products from waste, which is wound under the machine. All three operations as heating, shaping and cutting, take place simultaneously.

Technical data: 

Workspace 250 x 380mm
Positive shaping 40mm
Vacuum 63m³/h
Max.width material 430mm
Max.power material 0,2 – 1mm
Roll maximum diameter 600mm
Average speed 8 cycles / min
Air pressure from 0.6 to 0.9 Mpa
Power 15 kW
Air consumption 0,8m³/min
Weight 2 t
Dimensions wxhxl 2 x 2 x 3,5m

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