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Thermoforming machines 2LD Polux 2535 3858

On this machine can handle all common materials, including PP. The material is unwound from a reel, through rubber rolls until the timing conveyor. With the actuator material is moved through a non-contact heating to form. This heater is sufficiently long and divided into heating zones so as to sufficiently warm up the material for forming seamless. Thermoforming machine Polux has two stations where it is possible in the first shaping and cutting, or shaping and cutting only through the subsequent second station. The second station can serve as a leveling device with cutting, or knockout holes in the bottom product. The material can be mechanically pre-shape, then shape the compressed air pressure or vacuum. Everything is controlled via PLC průmislovým dotikový terminal. The software service is possible via modem. The waste is wound outside stroj.Termoformovací Polux machine is suitable for packing production, which is needed to maintain strength over the entire surface of the molding. It goes without saying that it is suitable for the production of both technical and food packaging.

Technical data: 

Workspace 380 x 580mm
Depth / positive 120 mm, 50 mm positives
Closing force 25 tons
Max.width material 610mm
Max.power material 0,2 – 2mm
Maximum diameter role 1m
Speed 35 cycles / min
Air pressure 0.6 to 0.9 Mpa
Vacuum 63 m³/h
Power consumption 49 kW
Water consumption 15 l/min
Air consumption  1m³/min
Weight 5 t
Dimensions wxhxl 2 x 2,5 x 7,5m

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